Sarcio Institute of Science Research and Education


Founded by longtime science education advocate Director Leopold Princeps in 2001, the Sarcio Institute is a Melbourne-based non-profit advocate and financial sponsor of science education and research. We are dedicated to empowering individuals, schools, and organisations to educate people about the world we live in, and to further our collective understanding of that world.

Or at least, that is what the public thinks they know.

If you have been granted access to this page, you should know that is not entirely true. Yes, Sarcio’s public division is exactly this, but the Sarcio Institute as a whole is so much more. The true purpose of the Institute is not to fund and educate, but to save our world.

Eighteen years ago, Director Princeps discovered that insane cultists seek to control and tear open rifts between our world and another in the service of a false, alien “god” who seeks to assimilate Earth into its own world so that it may rule. To prevent this, Director Princeps founded the Institute to research the rifts and how to close them, and to gather and train agents devoted to stopping the plans of the cultists.

The weight of the world rests on our shoulders. Fight with us! Help us save our world!