The First Rune

The rift has been festering for years in the astronomy departments of Swinburne, guarded fiercely by the brothers and sisters whose master resides within. Disguising themselves as PhD students, Nyarlathotep’s cultists are discovering means to open the rifts even wider. Wide enough to allow Nyarlathotep to assimilate our world with his own.

They discovered that the way to open the rift is through a series of rune stones, guarded by an ancient magic and need to be brought together to release their power. Their extensive research finally paid off when they discovered the location of the first stone, specifically the golem who holds it.

However, the cultist’s actions hadn’t gone unnoticed. The Sarcio Institute, founded by Leopold Princeps, kept tabs from the outside on the unusual happenings amongst the PhD students. Taking information from the cultist’s research, Sarcio’s research department have also found the location of the first rune.


Both teams fight, but who will win?

It is Time

Agents, time’s running short! Nyarlathotep has commenced his search for the artefact. We can assume from their general movements that they know as much, if not more than we do about the golems locations and if we do not act NOW we my lose. We all know the repercussions for this… not just for us. The whole world as we know it is at stake. So now is the time! The pieces are all in place on the board and we must make our move.

No information shall be disclosed here lest our ranks be compromised or our site infiltrated. Information is sensitive, despite enemy movements we are to consider ALL information classified under all circumstances and we all know the repercussions for disobedience. The result of failure is not something any of us want to consider.

So as I said, now is the time. I post this notice to all active agents to report to their leading officers who have been briefed on the mission at hand. All teams are to set out for their own known golems so we have a maximum chance for success. We want to win this war at all costs and it’s highly likely both we and the cultists don't have all the information to find this artefact… yet. However, this means that there may be losses. While I do hope that we all make it through this crisis, I can’t help but worry for casualties or persons going missing. Just keep in mind that anything done to you won't measure up to what will happen if Nyarlathotep wins. We don’t know their means, for all we know you may lose your life, however, Nyarlathotep may endlessly torment your soul if worlds collide.

So stand up comrade. It’s time to fight for our world and fight for our freedom. We will do our bit to lead you and collect as much information as we can for you. Best of luck agents.